Scott Cunningham about cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising

Hey everyone I’m Scott Cunningham aka  @scottcbusiness and today we’re going   to be talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain  advertising slash marketing using cryptocurrency   on blockchain and crypto social platforms and  various ecosystems

so the platforms we’re going   to take a look at today are mines uptrends library  slash odyssey hive dtube redoc cache brave browser   and pre-search i was previously also going to look  at but currently i think their boosting   model is like under uh review or it’s being edited  or changed or something but i have previously   tested out boosting on and i’m sure it  will be back and available very soon so um that   is also something to keep in mind but i won’t be  really covering that today we’ll be covering all   these other ones essentially uh legacy platforms  have you know very limited options for people   trying to directly reach crypto enthusiasts you know people who don’t like censorship who   are pro privacy pro free speech who want uh  to be involved in different crypto and blockchain   related projects and things it’s much harder to  reach those people through legacy platforms either   because they have restrictions around advertising there’s so many other people bidding people   ignore those types of ads from those platforms  like facebook and google so many reasons why   um it’s not super beneficial to be advertising  all those networks and if you want to either   use crypto that you’ve earned on various social  platforms or you know use crypto that you have   or whatever it happens to be but you want to  stay within the crypto ecosystem and still be   able to advertise and market in various ways 

this video is for you i’m going to be diving into all the various ways that i have tested  myself whether it’s just boosting internally for your content or it’s actually running  some sort of advertisement on these platforms   so we’re going to dive into all that today and  just before we do a quick word for my sponsor a   big thank you and shout out to my sponsor cake  wallet which is an open source non-custodial bitcoin and monero wallet that also has a built-in  exchange it’s available on ios and android   thanks for my sponsor and uh now for the video so  uh the first thing we’re gonna look at today is   dtube and uh d tube is like a it’s very similar  to youtube but in like a decentralized manner   very familiar for people who have previously  used this on steam back in the day again this is a decentralized platform you  don’t necessarily have boosting quote-unquote or you know advertising

but more so it’s  that when you post content you can use your voting power to vote on your  own content which is going to earn you   more dtc with their actual token as well as give  you a little bit more visibility on the network so that possibly other people will see it  and engage with your content as well now   all you have to do is hold dtc and over time your  voting power will go up the more voting power you   have the more that you can spend to boost content  but your voting power will always go down and then regenerate back slowly over time based on how much  dtc you hold so the more dtc you hold the faster this will go up and the more effective you can be  with how much you want to power up your videos etc   you can also vote on other people’s content  using this but personally as a content creator  

i save most of mine for posting and boosting my  own content and then you’ll earn more dtc which   will help you earn more voting power and you kind  of just keep that going and then obviously you can   go and withdraw directly to your metamask wallet  and you can claim all your rewards etc here but   um what i’m mainly focused on is actually boosting  your content and i won’t get into it because   unfortunately you have to wait for an entire  upload to go through to actually bring it up   so i’m just going to briefly mention exactly  how it works but all you really do is you   upload a piece of content and then from there  you will just you’ll see the little slider   for how much voting power you actually want to  add to that piece of content it also gives you the option to just use your direct dtc i

f you want  to just do that or you don’t have any voting power   this will give you much more impact because  you’re actually spending your coins uh versus   this which will give you less impact because  you’re not really spending anything tangible and   you will infinitely regenerate this and there is  no cap whatsoever on how much you will get so  this is very effective it’ll boost your visibility  but this is more so for content creators  whereas some of the other platforms that  we’re going to cover cover are more so for any   general user whether you’re a content creator or  just a general user and a perfect example of this   is the minds platform so on minds you can  run boosts basically you know on anything   uh on any piece of content you can also boost  your profile and you could get a sponsored segment   if you do liquidity providing uh with your minds  tokens so with minds um you can go and you can see   this boost here this is to boost my profile this  is the same button to access to boost your profile  

or if you want to directly boost something from  your feed you can click on the boost button that   shows up below it on the feed so as an example  here you can put 2.5 tokens and that’s 2500 views   each one token is worth a thousand views and that  breaks down into fractions i highly recommend just   using off chain tokens because um on chain tokens  you still have to pay a gas fee and the gas fee is   higher than the actual cost of the boost itself so  it is not feasible instead what you want to do is   you want to earn minds tokens and then you  can spend these off chain tokens with no cost   in doing so so here’s an example so you can  see the request to be boosted has now been sent   or if i wanted to again boost my profile i could  do that here that was a news feed sidebar boost   meaning that it’ll show up on the side here that’s  the placement because this is a blog but for a   regular post um like this just a news feed post  you’ll see that the placement will be for the   news feed so it will show up in the middle  here on the actual feed and a quick example   this right here is the liquidity provider  slot and then here is boosted content so   anything on the sidebar will appear in  this boosted content section and then   occasionally you will see boosted content here  in the middle if you have minds plus you won’t   see any of those types of ads or anything like  that but for people who are boosting this is the   main way to spend your minds tokens in an  effective way uh to just get more awareness   for different content and uh and boost visibility 

i would say the best way to do this is to earn it   and whether that’s through using the platform  or you can buy mines tokens and hold them on   chain on say like your metamask wallet then  you can connect that to here and you will earn   off chain tokens from holding them as well  this way you can still do boosting uh and   earn mines tokens over time and you won’t have  to worry about any gas fees and you can still   do all that boosting and kind of get that just  based off your initial investment so the beautiful   thing here is that uh if you use this platform a  lot and you earn the tokens or you just you hold   some minds chain uh you hold some mines tokens on  chain you’re just going to continually earn off   chain tokens that you can spend on boosting and  advertising so it is a very easy way with you know   either your time investment or you know like one  initial investment that will keep generating uh   more tokens to allow you to do more boosting  and advertising so it’s very useful because   with an initial investment you can get a lot  out of this basically forever as long as you’re   earning a reasonable amount that covers what  you’re trying to boost um so we’ve covered   these two let’s take a look at hive so hive  is again somewhat similar to detube in that   based on the power that you gain from your actual  tokens you have a voting power the difference   here is you have to stake your your hive tokens  rather than on dtube where you can just hold them   and your voting power goes up from staking and  you also earn some interest on that as well and   you can delegate to earn more for people willing  to pay for that but in terms of boosting uh you   have the basic boost where you’re just using your  voting power to vote and you can vote on yourself   which you’ve seen i’ve done here this helps me get  a little bit more visibility not by a lot though   because i don’t have a lot of power instead  what you can do based on the platform itself   this isn’t specifically hive this is rather  this is peak d which is just one of the main interfaces that hive uses but within peak peak has their own promotion slash boosting system so   you can see here when you click on this you’ll see  promote and all this is doing is you’re going to   burn some mines or some hive tokens and you’re  going to send some to them as payment and then   they will uh give you like a sponsored spot on whatever tags you’re boosting on or if you’re   willing to pay more potentially for everything so  you can see here um you go and you you know you   have your content this is the i guess the link to  that content you can specifically promote uh with   a minimum of five hive so fifty percent will be  burned and fifty percent will be paid to peak d   and then you will essentially add the topics  you wanna advertise on and then how much you’re willing to promote and how long and then it’ll  tell you exactly you know how long it’ll last   what spot you’ll be in based on other bidders and  then you have all these other options like say you   wanted to just advertise on every single topic  it’s going to cost you more money but you know   this way you’re gonna get potentially a lot more  visibility this will put you on trending and hot   whereas this will kind of just boost you within  those specific tags this is for every single topic   i guess this is a little bit different from the  all topics and then for specific communities um   you have to subscribe to specific communities  and then also work with them and peak d i guess   manages that as well so there’s a lot of different  options here but you can just go in and test how   much you want to do so again say i wanted to do  30 hive for three days i can preview and see where   would i be on this list so you can see that a lot  of other people are doing significantly more money   than i’m willing to do so instead i’m going to do  one day of promotion and see how i can do there   so by switching it to one day worth of promotion  it would put me at the first position so that   would put me ahead of everyone you can kind of  play around with what’s available here like if   i did a day and a half that still puts me ahead  of other people the score generated is based on   how much you’re willing to pay and how many  days you’re trying to do it for and then based   on that you can get put ahead of other people  uh based on whatever they’ve bid so it’s pretty   straightforward a little bit complex but for  the most part once you actually start plugging   in values and testing it and previewing it it’s  pretty straightforward so this is a great way for   you to advertise on hive at least through the peak  d uh interface i’m sure there’s probably under   other interfaces on hive that offer something  similar to this but this is one way for you to   boost slash promote content on the chain uh you do  have to keep in mind though this is just showing   people um you know your content so you might  not earn even like a fraction of what you spend   like i i don’t always earn 30 hive uh in fact it’s  not super common that i ever really earn that much   for one post so you know this is probably a little  too expensive i would rather go for some specific   uh tags and then just kind of boost within that  and just try to reach the specific communities   that i’m trying to reach and for five you know  it’s much more uh feasible but it really depends   like how important it is for you to push out this  content for me i put out so much content that i   don’t usually bother trying to boost anything  individually but if there was something that   was really really important uh i guess it would  make sense to try boosting and i have tested it   out a few times it does work very well um so it’s  definitely worth taking a look at the next one   we’re gonna look at is odyssey slash library  uh regardless of which interface you use or   which uh like if you’re using the desktop app or  in the browser here it doesn’t really matter what   really matters and what we’re talking about  here is being able to boost the visibility   of your content and you can do this in two  ways on library both of which do require   lbc but both of which are technically free in that  you don’t have to spend your lbc you just need to   have it originally to be able to boost content  so uh we’ll cover both of those uh situations   of the two things that you can do with that so uh  the the most common way to use your lbc is via a   support and all the support is is once you go on  to a video and you scroll down you see support   here and what support allows you to do  is you can take your lbc and essentially   boost your content with visibility based on how  much you put in and then other people will be   able to see your content and you’ll be higher up  on the list so to speak based on visibility and it   doesn’t give you a crazy amount because it’s still  going to be based on whether people actually are   interacting with it watching it commenting liking  but it just boosts you for a very short amount of   time and then you can reclaim that boost and all  the earnings that you made uh when you did so so   right here you can see i originally boosted like  uh 8850 i’ve earned 3.76 so i’m gonna unlock all   this and then i’ll show you exactly what i mean  for a boost originally i only put this amount   into the actual publish and we’ll talk about how  you can boost uh via publishes and the urls in a   moment so i should have gotten the money back  by now yeah you can see i got it back and when   you go to boost your content you basically want  to just use all of your lbc because it’ll do the   it’ll be the most effective if you’re using all  that you have versus like using very small amounts   and you typically want to put the full uh amount  of your lbc behind something you don’t want to   really spread it out because then they’re  all just much less effective it still works   but the most effective way that i’ve found is to  directly put it all behind one piece of content   and then after about 24 hours i reclaim and then  i put it back onto the same piece of content   or ideally onto my new content because on library  new content is already being served to people on   the platform who are following you um but uh  in terms of people who aren’t following you   they’re not likely going to see your stuff  unless you put a bit of lbc behind it so   this is very important for getting  visibility um it’s going to boost   you within the tags that you have posted to so  i’m not sure if it if it shows here somewhere   yeah so i posted to crypto cryptocurrency finance  economics and investing so within those tags   i should be shown at a higher rate uh or you  know just above a lot of the other people who   aren’t boosting i should be shown above them aside  from the really popular content um it will take   a little bit to actually go into effect so it  probably won’t be showing right away but uh the   best example is wild west which is purely based on  um on on boosts so this is showing only based on   boost and you can see results boosted by supports  and this is purely based on that this there’s no   other algorithms or sorting in here there’s no  categories or anything this is purely just this   person here has put the most lbc behind this to  boost it let’s see how much that actually was   27 000. so this gives you the idea right you know  that for 28 000 you will be the number one video   in this category so based on that i should  probably be somewhere around here unless again   it does take some time to actually go into  effect um but as we can check here and see   how much this is at 38. so naturally mine should  be showing up somewhere near the top uh once that   actually you know goes into effect or maybe i  just need to refresh or whatever but either way   it should show up somewhere near the top because  of that boost and then it will slowly trend back   down uh you know to the bottom or whatever over  a certain amount of time so then again to get the   most out of this you should always be claiming  your tips and you should always be uh revoking   your supports whether you did it the way that  i did it originally when you go directly to the   video or you come into your wallet here you switch  to supports you switch to active supports and   then you just revoke them directly from here and  then you go and you support your latest video or   a video that you’re really trying to get support  for but it’s always best to focus on newer content   i found the older the content is the less likely  it’s going to get views from a support so i i   think that is very important i’m not sure why  this isn’t showing up it’s being very slow right   now uh but it i mean in normal circumstances or  whenever this finally finishes loading maybe i’ll   just refresh you would see the uh the support  that i just did a moment ago and then you have   the option to revoke that support and then you can  put that you know to whatever else but eventually   it would normally show up here and then you can  just revoke that whether you’re on odyssey or   library.tb or using the app regardless of what  you do you should have that access here and and   if you have struggles like i’m having right now  you can always just again go directly to the video   and you can unsupport from the video itself it’s  being a little slow right now so let’s just move   on to the next one you always got to consider that  with decentralization you’re going to have issues   with performance um but you know they’re always  making strides to improve that and and better that   so on redoc cache we have oh i don’t know why i  included publish ox there on read.cache we have   uh sponsorships and we have boosting so these  are two forms of promotion where you can   earn and sponsor others and then boosting  is just like what you would expect directly   boosting your content as well as i believe  that you can also reach out to reduce cash   and advertise directly on their platform but  you can see here that i have a sponsor block   you create this by adding a sponsor block to any  of your posts and then it will show up on the   bottom of your post as well as on your profile  here and i’ll show you a quick example of that   you can add your sponsor block wherever but i  have it automatically just add to the bottom of   all my posts and these people just essentially get  advertising from my content as well as my profile   and they’re all just bidding for uh you know what  spot they’re in so to become a sponsor you go to   anyone who has a sponsor block and then you can  bid here you can see what everyone else has bid   and uh to show up you know based on where  you want to show up on the sponsor block   you have to bid the correct amount and then you  can set up um you know you can set up a picture   your text and then the actual link itself and then  going back to what that actually looks like here   so they’ve got their picture that’s the text  and then the link itself is when you click   on it it’ll take you there so this is like a  really cool way to advertise through crypto ad network and like a kind   of sponsorship influencer advertising with other  creators and getting visibility on their accounts   this is a great way to do that and a  great way to monetize your own content   i’m earning a fair enough amount of money from  all of these uh sponsors who are donating to me   uh just to have this little bit of ad space on  my profile and then i use that for boosting or to   sponsor other people and it all kind of comes full  circle and the great thing about boosting other   people is you know it encourages people to uh you  know to appreciate you for i mean sponsoring them   and then maybe they’ll check out your content  more and then engage with you more and then they   might uh you know help you earn more over time by  doing so so there’s a lot of different reasons to   sponsor or get sponsored um but i highly  recommend taking advantage of that system   the boosting system uh is very similar to  minds uh you’re just using bitcoin cash on here   there’s no fees associated with boosting  but essentially you have all your boost   that you’re running you can pause them move your  unspent funds or edit or top up your boost one   thing to keep in mind is once you’ve put some  money towards boosting it can’t be reclaimed   back into your wallet as far as i know uh you  can just move around unspent funds and then   edit and top up boosts as needed but essentially  the way that it works is they want to show your   content uh to you know a certain percentage of  the network and based on that uh you can pay   based on how you know how often your content is  going to be shown to people and you know maybe   how important it is that it happens right away and  and how long you want to do that so you can do up   to a max of three days at the most cheapest  only showing to 0.4 percent of the people   is 64 cents at the max it is 740 but um they  also give you an idea of your projected amount of   clicks and uh and all that good stuff but you know  i i personally just do very very cheap basic stuff   i just like to have some visibility i’m not trying  to break the bank and lose money to be able to   just put out this content if you do put something  out that is extremely important it might make   sense for you to put a lot more money behind it  but personally i just like to do a little bit and   just get a little bit more visibility and get more  people checking out my content and then help it   get get more engagements more support etc so  that is it’s pretty straightforward um   the actual way to boost something if you haven’t  boosted it already is you just go to one of your   actual posts this can only be done with blogs not  just uh status posts and you will see right here   boosted or or boost rather it says boosted by you  because i’m already boosting but normally it would   just say boost you’d click this and then it would  bring up the option to start boosting and this   is how you would get started and uh and you just  change these sliders and then hit ok and i’ll just   do a tiny tiny amount here as an example oh wait i  think because i’m already boosting this it doesn’t   let you start like a second boost because they’d  probably deal with a lot of spam if there was   multiple boosts of the same boost but in here  i’ll just top this up slightly just to quickly   show you what this is like uh and as you can see  boosts are non-refundable so i’m just adding five   cents it only takes a few seconds to confirm and  uh and then it’s good to go and then when you   refresh you will see the the update made i added  five cents so that should say uh point six one   once we get this refresh going there you go  point six one so very very quick very easy   to do i really like advertising on read dot  cash because it’s very simple and uh it really   helps get my visibility for my uh my account my  profile as well as the actual posts themselves   so i’m not a huge fan of uptrend but because  they do have this available i think it’s only   fair that i cover it the reason i’m not a big fan  is because it’s become so spammy lately and people   have been boosting so much that boosts aren’t  really that effective i mean it’s better to boost   than not boost at all but at the end of the day i  end up never really having more like earned points   or one up than i did you know a week before based  on adding a little bit of a boost to everything   so that’s just my personal preference i still  boost everything because i want to still promote   my content elsewhere like when i post on um  when i post on uptrend here i usually embed   my library videos so this is really more about  promoting my library content than it is about   having you know a ton of faith in uptrend because  again i’m not a super big fan but i’m happy to   advertise and boost content across any network  and take full advantage of everything because   as many of my viewers know i’m on every platform  taking advantage of everything possible and i’m   putting in that work to really test everything  out and just take advantage of everything that is   available to me so when you’re making a new piece  of content um you know setting up all the general   things that you need to set up but uh oh i didn’t  realize that that was a thing that’s interesting   you get a hundred point penalty if you lie about  original content anyways the boost post um it’s   interesting that they can take away your money  though it seems that seems very centralized   um but for boosting you go to boost post and  then it’s essentially a little bit more than yeah so it’s a little bit less than like one per  10. uh i guess maybe there’s like a discount or it   depends on how many you’re spending but typically  i like to do 1500 and that usually comes to 60   points so their boost model is extremely cheap but  because it’s cheap there’s a lot of people doing   it so there’s a lot of noise and a lot of spam and  stuff but again i think it is still worth checking   out and trying out once you’ve written your  article and everything and then you go to post it   this will be running you can also boost  content um like after you’ve already posted it   by just going to the actual post itself and  then starting a boost you can also look at um   your point history and look at you know previous  boos and and ways that you’ve been spending your   money in the past um and then you can see  your your actual promoted stuff i think this   is actually different though um promoted videos  and articles is a whole other thing that uh i’m   not sure if this is currently active but i know  that they were working on this before and uh this   was like something that was in the works so uh  definitely check this out once they like get this   going better um but right now the easiest way to  boost is just when you create something you post   it and you boost it again i’m not a huge fan of  uptrend but it’s better to use than not to use   at all especially if you’re just earning it most  of these i just earn and then i spend my earnings   almost never do i actually pay in um just because  it’s not super ideal to be spending a ton of money   to test these things out but for some of these  that are more effective it might make more sense   to pay in to get that boost uh with library  i guess technically i did originally pay in   to be boosting definitely worth it on library  because you earn a crazy amount um i think it   makes sense to at the beginning maybe to deposit  a bit i did deposit a little bit on when   i started just to kind of get me going and doing  some boosting doing some sponsors um so it does   help to put a little bit in but i would never be  putting like a lot of money behind any of these   most of this you can just earn from especially  if you’re a content creator but if you are just   trying to do some sort of generic advertising  it might make sense to put a little bit of money   into these things um here i’m showing you this has  never been shown before and i might do something   more in depth on this in the future this shows  you everything that i did with the brave browser   mind you this is only available to people who have  at least a thousand dollars to do um advertising   they are working on a self serve ad model which is  similar to what we’ve seen with a lot of these but   more similar to facebook which is fantastic  because then you can easily create your own ads   and do all this stuff very easily on your own and  then just spend bat to actually purchase those ads   so that is going to be game changing but i  did want to show this more so just to show   how effective this is so my click-through rate  for some of my best campaigns uh and i’m a social   media manager as my day job my click root through  rate on some of my best campaigns is like 1.86 2   this is 9.4 percent that’s insane  uh and it’s disgustingly cheap   typically my cost per click is also like you  know around 50 cents somewhere around there   on here i don’t sure i’m not sure if it’s  the exact same because they don’t actually   have the cost per click but based on the spend  and the amount of clicks that we got which was   1.24 million um based on that i i believe  it was about a cent per cop per click   for the cpc it was one cent which again is  like 50 times cheaper than typically what   i spend on facebook and it’s about four to  five times more effective for click through   so i know that might sound like you know a bunch  of just like word salad to a lot of people but   for people who are serious about advertising um  that is a very very big deal and they’re probably   jumping up and down uh hearing how effective this  actually is and even with a thousand dollars you   could do a lot um but soon they’re gonna have  a self-serve ad model and that is going to be   absolutely game-changing the next one we have  is pre-search now i haven’t used pre-search in   quite a bit but i used to use it a lot it’s  good because you can use any search engine   and then search for something and then what  they’ll do is they’ll give you a tiny little ad   just before you actually um get the search  typically and what that all that really does is i’m surprised i’m not actually seeing any uh any  advertisements unless brave is blocking them on   me but normally you get like a little ad or  i guess they’re just running these ads now   previously pre-search would have an ad that would  actually show up while you’re trying to search   something and it would make you wait a couple  of seconds but now it seems like they’re just   doing advertising in the same way that google does  like you can see right here so that’s pretty nice   essentially what that means is this is feasible  to use as a search engine and you will also earn   uh pre tokens these pre like uh the pre-search  pre-tokens you’ll earn them over time uh for   having those ads pop up and they’re kind of just  rewarding you for allowing those ads to be a part   of your browser experience in the same way that  brave browser does so with brave and pre-search   you could be earning both bat and pre uh and then  and then spending those or selling them or using   them whatever way you want to do i’ve earned 48  pre uh in the time that i’ve spent using it which   hasn’t been very much but once you either reach a  thousand or you buy a thousand worth then you can   stake your pre tokens and what staking allows  you to do is you keyword stakes so you stake on   a specific keyword so for example if someone  searched up library on pre-search this is   the ad that they would get which is just their  invite referral link but if i had more i could   stake on this and uh and then i would take that  that ad spot so you’re never actually spending   the money similarly to uh to library you’re just  staking it and then whenever you want to you can   unstake it at any time with no restrictions but  if you do have the top bid this allows you to uh   get that free quote-unquote advertising space so  again when we go here and i searched crypto test   this was what appeared for the ad i guess  sometimes there’ll be ads sometimes there won’t   be um but what’s supposed to happen is there’s  their ad supposed to show up based on uh whoever   has staked the most so again whatever it is it  could be anything whether it’s library odyssey   literally any keyword you could possibly think  of their invite links are supposed to show up   when you search uh these these various keywords  maybe it’s only every like certain amount of uh   of of of searches that you actually do before you  get an ad again i haven’t used presearch in a very   long time but again if we check blockchain here it  should be the same link as the ad that we just saw   so that is correct um so that’s good to  know that it it they just don’t always   serve you ads which is really nice um i  might actually start using pre-search again   given they’ve changed the way that they  advertise and i’m happy to earn pre-search   as well and eventually get back into  staking i tested staking quite extensively   with about 10 000 pre-tokens back in the day i  did a lot of staking against library against steam   publish ox many different platforms that i use and  it worked very very well they got a lot of views   lots of clicks so it’s extremely effective  and now that they’ve made this a little   less you know cumbersome to use i’m probably  going to start using this again more as well   and you can have your ad show up here so that is  very very effective the beautiful thing here is   that in a lot of these different scenarios you  don’t actually have to spend money explicitly   or directly to get the benefits behind uh their  marketing or boosting or advertising models so   uh without actually having to spend money and lose  money you’re still able to get visibility uh reach   more engagement and you know maybe get some  exposure for some specific thing that you’d like   uh more people to see within a crypto ecosystem  or community so these are some of the platforms   that i use to do this again i was a little rusty  with uh pre-search because i haven’t used it in   quite some time but i’m going to be using it more  going forward and i’d love to hear from you guys   are there any other platforms that i should be  taking a look at for advertising uh i did you know   back in the day do an interview with the ceo and  founder from adex so there are things like that   but specifically i’m looking more for  extremely cheap very easy to get started   more so platforms where you can earn and then  use your earnings to advertise because again uh i   think the most important thing is reinvesting into  yourself and if you can earn and then reinvest in   yourself by boosting and doing sponsors and all  these different things this is how i was able   to grow so quickly on and mines for  example uh just always reinvesting my earnings   and uh it’s been very very effective and i highly  recommend checking it out as well especially if   you want to do all this just based on stuff that  you earn and you don’t actually lose any money or   spend anything to get started and maybe you  want to just test things out so it’s a very   great way to do that without actually having to  put any money down up front thank you so much for   watching especially watching to the very end I’m  Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off cheers

September 28, 2021 Pumper